Our Story

You might remember us as part of the My Thai restaurant group in Burlington, but we’ve since broken off and rebranded ourselves as Pintoh. We’re now located in the heart of downtown Hamilton and we’re here to bring you the real deal when it comes to Thai cuisine.

We don’t mess around when it comes to authenticity, honey. We don’t cut corners or compromise on flavour. We’re talking about the kind of food you’d find if you were wandering the streets of Thailand, searching for the perfect pad thai or drunken noodles. Our chefs are the real deal, straight from the motherland, and they know how to whip up some seriously delicious dishes.

Everything we make is from scratch, and let me tell you, it’s a labour of love. We don’t do this for the fame or the glory, we do it because we’re passionate about showcasing the real flavours of Thailand. We’re not here to water it down or make it more palatable for the Western palate. No, we’re here to give you the full experience.

So come on down to Pintoh, and let us show you what real Thai food is all about. We’re here to serve up some serious heat and flavour. Are you ready for it?

Our story